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Cooking Up A Musical Storm

5 Jun
Fresh ideas

Fresh ideas: Shaun Dowse in his home studio in Kilwinning

Producer mixes music and recipes

by Ross Dunn of Irvine Herald – 31st May 2013

Music and food are often heralded as the two most sensory delights known to man – but could the two possibly work together?

Kilwinning-based producer Shaun Dowse is attempting to combine the two with his new archive label – Flyin’ Saucepan – by providing unique recipes with each music purchase. Shaun, 35, told the Herald: “The label was set up for all of the old material and spare tracks that have never really had a home before. I chose the name after using saucepans as percussion and thought it was only right to take it that bit further and include some recipes too – it’s something a wee bit different!”

Remastered and released from his home studio in Kilwinning, the Flyin’ Saucepan label specialises in electronic music stretching back to the 90s, cataloguing demos and experiments from some of Scotland’s best underground electronic wizards. Shaun has been through the mill as a producer, with plenty of experiments of his own not living up to his own expectations.

“A few years ago, I bought the rights to release a track by Grand National, who at the time were signed to Rob da Bank’s label. To say the least it was an incredibly expensive mistake and we never really recouped the costs. I guess it was just one of those learning curves though and we draw a line under it and move on.”

Now changing the way he thinks about producing tracks, Shaun insists he’s enjoying the fun side of music again.

“The previous label that I released stuff on was a bit moody so this is really refreshing and an excercise in categorisation, purging myself of the bad music which has been sitting around on my many hard drives for far too long and in the process, finding a place for the good stuff. This is just a really fun way of releasing and producing music.”

As for Shaun’s solo material under the Voltergeist moniker, he’s busy working on new material for 2014, which will be released on a new sister label to Flyin’ Saucepan.

Shaun added: “Flyin’ Saucepan is a label for the global recession. Everything’s £1 directly from the Bandcamp store. Be it individual tracks or the entire release.”

To find out more about Shaun’s label or to hear some tracks, head over to

Flyin' Saucepan article in the local paper (Ross Dunn: Irvine Herald 31st May 2013).

Flyin’ Saucepan article in the local paper (Ross Dunn: Irvine Herald 31st May 2013).


Flyin’ Saucepan: In Yer Local Paper!

1 Jun
Flyin' Saucepan article in the local paper (Ross Dunn: Irvine Herald 31st May 2013).

Flyin’ Saucepan article in the local paper (Ross Dunn: Irvine Herald 31st May 2013).

The image above links to a new blog post transcription of the original article.

Galaxis Quench: Rescuing The Masters

30 May

Perhaps the first time Graeme had ever taken the heart of his recording equipment apart for a thorough clean…

Every single part of his Tascam Portastudio 414 was blasted with compressed air and swabbed down with Isopropyl Alcohol using cotton buds.

The entire machine was clogged up with 20 years of dust and gunk! After cleaning, it looked and ran like new!

View the whole set here:

Galaxis Quench: Rescuing The Masters

Quenching Nostalgia [Part Two]

18 May

Continued from Quenching Nostalgia [Part One]

…At the top of the stairs and round to the left was the entrance to Quench’s bedroom/studio.

The entire loft area had been floored and converted into one huge living space, although one would be hard pushed to find even a square foot of clear floorspace to stand. We goose-stepped over the strewn 12″ album sleeves, clothing and discarded tapes which had tumbled from the top of an old pool table onto the floor. Getting from the top of the stairs to the sofa in the main floorspace was a challenge in itself, but this was only the beginning.

Hurling myself onto the sofa over more scattered debris, I breathed a sigh of relief. The sofa was an island in a sea of kerfuffle. From there, I could see other small pockets of carpeted land. There were wires, cables, tapes, empty Currie’s fizzy drink bottles, batteries, socks, more cables and a large plastic box filled to the brim with cigarette lighters. Quench was most proud of those lighters…

“I’ve acquired them over the years. At first, I didn’t mean to do it. I’d get a light from a friend and inadvertently put their lighter in my pocket. But now my collection is so big that if I see a lighter that looks interesting, I’ll try to sneak it into my pocket.”

There was a single old chair underneath the dormer window at the far end of the room. It looked as if a hundred fat men had been jumping up and down on top of it for a hundred years. Beside it were shelves strewn with old 12″ vinyl albums, mostly by Duran Duran. There was a phenomenal collection of original Beatles 12″ albums pinned to the wall, and a fair few Carpenters records there too.

The multi-casio lair of Galaxis Quench circa 1997...

The multi-casio lair of Galaxis Quench circa 1997…

Then, my gaze shifted across the room to the left. To the area where the roof of the attic begins to slope down. To the area where Graeme has manouevered himself across countless hazardous obstacles into a cross-legged position in the centre of the floor. To what can only be described as an electronic treasure trove.

PANPOD 003: Re-Mastering Galaxis Quench by Mr Dimensional

1 May

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Monthly podcast from Mr Dimensional’s archive label Flyin’ Saucepan. This episode we discuss the re-mastering process involved in the forthcoming music by time-served yet undiscovered funky/psychedelic house maverick Galaxis Quench.

Produced by Mr Dimensional for Flyin’ Saucepan ( The copyright in each featured musical work is protected.

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Listmaker “Insynk” – Original Demo Tape Discovered In Ayrshire Attic!

11 Apr

Last night (Wednesday 10th April, 2013) at around 9PM I received a link on the Flyin’ Saucepan Facebook page from an old friend from Ayrshire. He’d been down in Ayr visiting his parent’s house, and had taken the time to rummage through all of his old music tapes and CDs.

Amongst the collection lay an original copy of [PANAIR 002] Listmaker “Insynk” on cassette tape! There were only ever a handful of these tapes given out, back in 1998. As you can imagine, I was REALLY happy to get this message. He took some photos of the object in question:

Listmaker "Insynk" Cassette (Front Cover)

Listmaker “Insynk” – Original Copy Discovered

Listmaker "Insynk" Cassette (Inside)

Listmaker “Insynk” – Inside Sleeve

The images are courtesy of Neil MacDonald, a prominent music journalist based in Glasgow and originally from Ayr. Neil conducts and transcribes music interviews for cult UK skateboarding magazine Sidewalk. You can read all of his interviews over on his BiteMyWire blog page:

Neil MacDonald’s music blog: Bite My Wire

Quenching Nostalgia [Part One]

9 Apr


Wow wow wow.


Perhaps the most apt opening for this next post, because I really do believe that it best describes the recent Flyin’ Saucepan re-discovery of some of the finest music from the Ayrshire underground music archives. And it really does break my heart when I think that nobody outside of a select group of close musical friends from Ayr even know that it exists.

Tropical musical maverick Graeme Alfred James Wright began his musical life as an extremely accomplished funk-bass player, writing a handful of legendary (and unfortunately lost) tracks with exemplary funk-rock guitarist and composer Mark Dawson, under the name “Funkdust”. When the duo met up with psychedelic music aficionado and talented guitarist Mike Hastings, the group of three like-minded friends became collectively known as “The Psychedelic Funk Circus”, experimenting with elaborate sonic soundscapes using many interconnected guitar effects pedals, all the time underpinning their work with a solid funk bass and some serious whackachacka.

There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the incredible music of The Psychedelic Funk Circus in later posts, but for those interested in researching the band, please head over to the archive MySpace page.

Back in 1997, I had managed to secure a Listmaker gig at the infamous Queen Margaret Union in Glasgow, back in the days when I was using the Amiga, Yamaha CS1x synth and drum machine alone. The Psychedelic Funk Circus also played, and were absolutely mind-blowing. As the night progressed and I began to play my own set, I became aware of a long-haired skinny figure lurking at the side of the stage. It was Graeme.

Listmaker Meets Quench

I had never met him at all up until this point. When I finished playing, he approached me.

“I really enjoyed your set!”, he remarked kindly. I was genuinely flattered, as I’d been closely watching his bass playing with the Funk Circus and was thoroughly impressed.

“I make electronic music too.”, said Graeme. “We should hook up.”

Of course we did. I wasn’t aware of anybody else making synth-based electronic music in Ayr at the time, and was very keen to find out his techniques. To be honest, I was expecting to be doing most of the talking. He was really stoned when we met and his eyes, although cheery to the point of delirium, were red. It was only a matter of days between first meeting him and arriving at his house to talk shop…

He was eating a ham sandwich and a packet of cheese n’ onion crisps when he came to the door. I think he might have had a Mars Bar for afterwards. It was a very well kept single-storey house. “My stuff’s upstairs.” He gestured to the staircase which led up to the loft-conversion, and up we went.

What we walked into defies description…

Continued: Quenching Nostalgia [Part Two]

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