Adrift In The Ocean Of Noise

19 Mar
Flyin' Saucepan Sets Sail

Flyin’ Saucepan Sets Sail

Suddenly, a small raft appeared on the horizon.

“hello… I’m over here!”

It was a whisper of a voice, completely lost amidst a limitless ocean of babble.


Again, nothing.

There were so many rafts made of nothing and everything all at once, that none of them were distinguishable from each other. There was a feeling in the air that a demoralising storm was coming. The raft had to be modified quickly if it were to survive. It already had a flag, tied to an old coathanger and wafting around in the binary winds. This flag acted as reassurance to the sailor, reminding him constantly of the reason he had set sail in the first place.

He had to get more crew on board, or he’d sink.

There was a huge island in the distance. The sailor knew all about it, as he’d read about it in newspapers. The name of the island had been murmured amongst pirates in candle-lit corners of old taverns. T’was the Isle Of Books, and legend had it that each book had a face.

The raftsman wrapped an old towel around his hands so as not to let the water on them contaminate the delicate fireworks in his sparkling magical bag, and quickly pulled out a flare. Fumbling for a match and striking it against a rusty nail, the flare was lit and launched towards the Isle:

Immediately, a tiny collection of the islanders waved back to the raft. A handful recognised the sailor, as they had known him for years. They each had their own connection to the raft already; their own stories to tell about the sailor. But none had any knowledge of the cargo. Nevertheless, some swam out to the raft and etched their names into the woodwork using knives and sharp stones. It was a huge comfort to the raftsman, knowing that if times at sea were difficult and he looked down he would see the familiar names of friends, whilst above his head flew the small flag of his own identity.

The raft sailed on. Deep down, the sailor hoped that his friends would spread word on their return to the Isle. He was planning on bringing a selection of odd things aboard, and would need some help to make the raft bigger…


One Response to “Adrift In The Ocean Of Noise”

  1. flyinsaucepan March 19, 2013 at 10:42 am #

    The Flyin’ Saucepan Bandcamp Page & Facebook Page were set up simultaneously on the 25th January 2013.

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